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Software and Mobile Apps Developed in Auckland. Our passion is infectious and our industry knowledge extensive. Communicating clearly to deliver beyond expectations. Making the process stress free & exciting.

Mobile Apps | APIs | Dashboards | Web Software | Integrations | Front-End | Back-End | UI/UX | Hardware | Security | Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain | Databases | Infrastructure | Consulting | Project Management

Our Process

1. Meet

Meetings are held in your offices. You’ll speak directly to the people making your software in the environment where it will be used. What better way for us to form an understanding of what you do.

2. Plan

By involving Lewis & Marcus from the outset you will benefit from an up-front, experienced opinion on the costs, benefits, feasibility and realistic time-frames for your software or app project.

3. Engagement

Professional project management, clear expectations and close communication are the components of a successful software project. Development commences and a new business partnership begins.

4. Refine

Working shoulder to shoulder with your staff, we test and develop your software until it is the perfect fit. This close involvement is greatly appreciated and valued by staff.

5. Deploy & Maintain

Management love our no-hassle dashboards. We provide sound support to staff, and can quickly upgrade, at your request to take advantage of the data and information you’ve collecting.

6. Leverage

Using the detailed information of our reports and software will enable you to make accurate decisions in budgeting, resource allocation, financing, marketing, promotions, accounting classifications, employee rewards, customer loyalty and more…

Make Contact

Speak with the business owners & developers at customapps today. Free consultation & software project assessment in your place of business, home, or at our Auckland office. We look forward to meeting you.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand

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