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Top Questions from App/Software Consultations - Part 1

by The CustomApps Team on 7 February 2018


What sort of businesses do you work with?

We've developed software for small cafes all the way through to large multinational companies. When there is a problem that needs solving, we will come on-site and provide a free assessment. We will then take the time to sit down with you to assess whether the investment in the software will deliver what you need, in order to justify the cost. Don't be afraid of the prices. We work with all industries and projects of all sizes.

Do you work with start-ups / software ventures?

Yes – we have experience in both software development and software consulting for ventures and start-ups. Contact us on 0800 112 942 to discuss your ideas.

Involving us from the outset, even for an initial consultation, will be very valuable to anyone considering software development or mobile app development in Auckland.

How long does it typically take to build an app?

Generally speaking our projects are anywhere between 5-24 weeks depending on the complexity of the app and other requirements.

Will I be charged for our first meeting?

No – our initial consultations are free – the aim of the meeting is to introduce ourselves and collect enough information to provide you with a project cost estimate and time-frame.

How much does it typically cost to build an app?

The short answer is – it depends – on the complexity of the app, overall software system, and the platforms (iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/Web) you’re looking to use.

It is not unusual for a mobile app, working on both iOS and Android, with the prerequisite website, to cost more than $20,000. However, there are other business process automations that can cost only a few thousand dollars. Let us assess your needs up-front and provide you with a cost and project time-frame estimate without obligation. Call us for a free in-office consultation – 0800 112 942.

How much does it cost to build an app prototype?

Typically a prototype of an app can be made at around 20-30% of the total app development cost. So for an app/system at a cost of $25,000 you might expect to pay $6,250 for a prototype.

Do you provide on-going support for our staff/users?

Yes, in addition to the software warranty we provide, all major software projects come with a 3 month Support Period following the deployment date. Following this, we can discuss your current and future support requirements and either assist you directly or introduce you to one of our trusted local Auckland IT support partners where appropriate for your organisation.

Are there any on-going costs?

It depends. If your software or app has any web-based components, then it is likely there will be a small on-going cost to cover the hosting and server storage. If you require on-going support, there will be charges to cover our time spent assisting your staff. Our existing clients are very happy with our on-going charges so don’t let this put you off – contact us today.

Can we speak directly with the software developers?

Yes – when a developer is working on your software they will attend almost all meetings with you where possible.

I still have other questions.

Great – am glad to hear it! This is an exciting process for any company or start-up. Contact us right now – on 0800 112 942 – to discuss your idea with us and schedule a meeting.

What is the next step I should take?

Contact us directly – right now – on 0800 112 942 – to discuss your idea with us and schedule a meeting.

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